Innovation in Reproductive Medicine: Key Takeaways from ASRM (2019) and Beyond

Celebrating on the shoulders of giants: Dr. Patrick Quinn received the lifetime achievement award from the Society of Reproductive Biologists & Technologists for his many contributions to the field of IVF, stretching back to the 1985 creation of ‘Human Tubal Fluid’.

We met hundreds of IVF professionals in person to discuss the hands on training programs for IVF nurses, embryologists and andrologists provided by EmbryoDirector / IVF Training Academy, complimentary competency assessments, and real time KPI tracking from ART Compass.

  1. Key Performance Indicators are King!

When carefully chosen, Key Performance Indicators (#KPI) can give lab managers a bird’s eye view of internal and external factors affecting laboratory performance.

Identified by ASRM 2018 as an educational need, a quality control program in the #IVF lab is crucial for assuring the delivery of optimal patient care and trouble shooting when outcomes are less than optimal.

ASRM 2019 presented a standing-room only interactive KPI session featuring Drs. Amy Sparks, Dean Morbeck, and Alison Bartolucci.

ART Compass is a free tool available to lab directors to track their own KPIs.

ART Compass tracks key performance indicators that can aid with trouble-shooting.

Additionally, data were presented on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for KPI monitoring;

2. Innovation was in the spotlight, but our history is cherished.

Innovations in artificial intelligence predominated;

Our present is grounded in the past, and as part of the 75th ASRM Birthday celebration, Fertility and Sterility published a review and commentary on 25 groundbreaking works in human reproduction.

3. Braver New World: Oocyte Maturation, Artificial Embryos, and IVG.

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, Founder ART Compass

At ART Compass we support IVF professionals with lab information management and those #TTC. Find out more at


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